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Forum Rules

Ambage Forum Features:

  • Collaborations/Anthologies–if you would like to participate in an Ambage anthology (published in Paperback and Kindle) or other group publications, check the Collaborations topic for more information.
  • The Wordsmithery–the writing workshop forums here on the Ambage. Read the full guidelines in this topic.
  • Pre-Publishing Workshop–this forum was created specifically for stories that you plan to publish and would like to be workshopped. In the interest of preventing plagiarism, the forum is private. However, any member can join once he or she has reached 10 posts. To join, simply PM any one of the Ambage Hosts. This forum can also be used as a workshop for any stories that you’d like to be published in a future Ambage anthology. Make sure you read the Pre-Publishing Guidelines once you’ve gained access to the forum.
  • Monthly Prompts–these writing prompts are given monthly as a way to inspire stories. Feel free to use them any way you wish. You can view the current and previous prompts in the Monthly Prompt Topic.
  • The Ambage Cafe–our discussion forums, created so that you can interact with your fellow writers through literature discussion, writing discussion, non-writing discussion, as well as participate in contests. There are no specific rules for these forums, just be sure that you post topics in the right place and follow the Ambage Forum Rules.
  • Various Skype Activities–In addition to the forum features, we also have activities that take place on Skype, including twice-weekly “write-offs.” See the “Skype Features” section of the Ambage Features topic for more information.

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