Author Bios

Below is the list of some of the Ambage staff and members. Click on the various blog links for even more information.

Ambage Hosts

Andrew Page (Ambage Host & Founder) is an aspiring author and avid reader, having a love for literature from a young age, in part due to his homeschooling background until High School.

More of his writing, as well as various other bookish ramblings, essays, and more can be found in his blog:

Contributed To:  X:15Constellations, and Crooked Ways


Caleb Peiffer (Ambage Host & Founder) was raised a homeschooler, spending part of his childhood in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. With his ardent love of reading came a dream to write, and inspired by authors such as Agatha Christie, Sinclair Lewis, and F. Scott Fitzgerald, he’s been doing just that.

Peiffer always has a yarn to spin, and visitors are always welcome in his blog at

Contributed ToX:15Constellations, and Crooked Ways


John Matz (Ambage Host & Resident Artist) finds it rather awkward to write about himself in the third person, but when asked nicely may be convinced to do so. This guy is a dabbler in many fields, but his heart belongs to comics. Unfortunately he does not have the ability nor the drive to actually make a comic. He writes, draws, builds with Lego, and imagines what it’s like to make comics.

Contributed ToX:15Constellations, and Crooked Ways
Provided Cover Artwork For: Constellations and Crooked Ways


Will Krueger (Ambage Host).

Contributed To: X:15 and Constellations


Nate Deisinger (Ambage Host) is, apparently, a writer. When he isn’t picking letters out of the Scrabble bag and transferring the results to a Word document, he’s usually busy with university, work, or trying very hard not to think about either of those last two.

Contributed To: X:15Constellations, and Crooked Ways


Ambage Write-Off Hosts

Tyler St. Francis (Write-Off Host). Once upon the time, there was the Pretty Boy Swag. It was a vibrant cluster of life in a cold, homely universe, and one day to alleviate its stark loneliness it birthed Tyler St. Francis and his magic Keyboard, which became the Pretty Boy Incarnate and the Pretty Boy Bible. And the world was both a little comelier, and a little more eloquent.

And the Swag was pleased.

Contributed To: X:15


E.R. Alwardby (Write-Off Host), a native Texan, was introduced to reading at a young age. Inspired by the universe crafted by C.S. Lewis in The Chronicles of Narnia, he has been writing since his early teen years. Other interests include a great love of music, and his Biology studies at Texas A&M University.

Contributed To: X:15 and Crooked Ways


Lin Graves (Write-Off Host) is an illusory instigator who enjoys classic fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm. He is also a fan of the mystery genre and writes on and off over the years.

Contributed To: Constellations


Ambage Contributors:

Caleb Carraway (Ambage Host Emeritus) is one of the founding members of The Ambage and is currently in the United States Air Force.

Contributed ToX:15


Joshua Bom (Contributor) is a Christian Floridian teenager who likes to play soccer, run cross country, read, write, play video games, and waste time on the Internet.

That’s about it. Life’s awesome.

Contributed To: Constellations


Elijah Philip Brockway (Contributor), also known as Ilyusha Brokvey, Ilya, Ilja, Wildcard, Blokfase, The Otter, and That Weird Guy In The Corner, is a profuse (though not necessarily proficient) writer, and fond of making, playing, and listening to music.

Oh, and he wrote some weird stories and stuff in the first Anthology.

Contributed To: X:15


Timothy L. Cerepaka (Contributor) unintentionally discovered the multiverse one day when a dimensional gateway appeared inside his microwave. Forgetting the old adage about curiosity and cats (he was not a cat, after all), Timothy stepped through that portal, where he was immediately pulled into the realm of the mysterious, the impossible, and the fantastic and has never looked back. Nowadays, Timothy writes fantasy and science-fiction stories as an indie author with dreams that are neither too big nor too small, but just right. His family and friends still don’t know that most of his stories are based on true events. They just think he has a strange imagination.

To learn more, check out his blog at

Contributed To: Constellations


Nicole Michelle (Contributor) knew from a young age that she wanted to be a writer. Her goal has always been to become a successful author. Her greatest passion is first and foremost her love for her novel, ReiHana.

For more information on Nicole and writing advice visit or follow her on twitter @TheNicole_C.

Contributed To: Crooked Ways



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