Top Ten Tuesday #31: Popular Authors I’ve Never Read

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish where book lovers post their top ten books for various themes that are given.

March 4th: Top Ten Popular Authors I’ve Never Read

Andrew’s Picks:

Decided to do all 10 this time as there’s literally so many authors I need to read. There’s actually a lot of authors who six months ago or even just a few weeks ago would have had to be on this list, but now that’s changed. I’ve been resolving to read more authors who I haven’t read anything by and so far it’s going well. If the question was “10 Authors I Need to Read More Of” this list would grow exponentially.

  1. John Green. I’d have to say that he is most likely the #1 on this list that needs to change. I finally picked up The Fault in Our Stars a few weeks ago, and will be reading it soon. But until then…he unfortunately remains an un-read author of mine.
  2. Timothy Zahn. Often lauded as one of the greatest Sci-Fi authors alive (and perhaps the greatest Star Wars author), he’s been high on my list for a while, especially after finding Heir to the Empire at a used bookstore.
  3. Robert Jordan. After finally getting my hands on The Eye of the World, I’ve been eagerly awaiting reading this.
  4. John Grisham. I’ve heard high-praise for his novels; really should get to The Firm soon.
  5. Susanna Clarke. Been meaning to read Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell for a while.
  6. Terry Pratchett. Especially with my fairly-new-found love of Neil Gaiman, I really need to get my hands on one of his books.
  7. Joseph Conrad. One of the many classic authors I have yet to read.
  8. Robert Ludlum. I really loved the Bourne film trilogy, and ever since then I’ve been meaning to read the novels. Or, really, anything by Ludlum.
  9. Dan Brown. To be honest, I’ve just never really had an interest, with the exception of how popular he is.
  10. Stieg Larsson. The Millennium Trilogy is definitely high on my  to-read list.

Caleb’s Picks:

Not much to explain about each individual pick. These are all authors I wish I had already read but haven’t, and just can’t seem to get around to. Sometimes, trying to read a book “high on your reading list” is like trying to transfix the last pea with your fork.

  1. Lewis Carroll.
  2. Charles Dickens.
  3. Mark Twain.
  4. John Steinbeck.
  5. Just about every popular novelist since 1950.Can’t beat the classics. Especially when they’re free on Kindle. Still, there’s a lot of contemporary reading I mean to get around to, but as any reader will recognize, that could mean years.

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