a style that involves indirect ways of expressing things

Welcome to The Ambage!

We are a coalition of diverse writers, brought together online by a common passion for storytelling and creative expression through writing. The community of the Ambage has served as a springboard for creative ideas and collaborative projects since early 2009.

Currently, we have self-published two anthologies of short fiction, X:15 and Constellations, and a short Halloween collection, Crooked Ways, featuring selections of writing from over twenty different Ambage writers. Check out the Published Works and Author Bios pages, respectively, for more information on Ambage publications and for brief biographies of the individual writers involved.

In addition, The Ambage makes use of various other features to facilitate creativity and collaboration amongst its members, including real-time writing-events on Skype. Feel free to check out our Blog as well, where you can read selections of fiction by various Ambage writers. You can also Contact Us with any questions you may have.

Or perhaps your purpose in visiting us is somewhat more personal. Are you, perhaps, an aspiring writer, looking to join a community of people dedicated to writing and encouraging one another in the attempt? In that case, consider taking the first step in joining The Ambage: sign up on the free-to-join Ambage Forum. From there, you’re on your way to becoming an integral member of the Ambage community!

Ambage Hosts:

Andrew Page
Caleb Peiffer
John Matz
Nate Deisinger
Will Krueger


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